Merry Red

dress design 5 001

Hey! It’s, uh, been a while. I think I need a personal motivator or something.

Anyway! My cousin is planning on making and submitting some of her sketches for a challenge on this designing website. ( She’s planning on submitting for the next round, and I just thought that I should mention it here (and post a link when she does), with ulterior motives of course. ;P

Or maybe one of you want to participate too? It’s free, and anyone can do it so.. Not me though, I can’t give much of a crap about fashion.. πŸ˜›

So, that’s about it.

Dank u, and I’ll see you next time!


A Floral Design

dress design 4 001

Um… I lied? Whoops….. DX

Anyhow, here’s another post for you. And my cousin said that the “comments” I write were funny. I don’t know if I should be insulted.. But I guess I’m not… :PPa In a less unimportant note, my cousin’s here!

“haha thanks to my cousin who helped me publish my designs. well i didn’t make my design as well as other designers but it looked good enough. Umm i don’t have any idea on how to explain the design above. so i’ll explain when i get the idea (sorry guys! :P)”

Yep! And that was my cousin give her applause. *badum-tss* No, that wasn’t an applause but whatever. So, I guess that will be all, we will, um, “see” you next time. ^^’a

Dank u and see you next time!

Roses Are Red

dress design 3 001

Aaaannnddd two months later.. :/

No, not apologizing (sorry for not thought :P) I did not make any promises. o__o’ Haha…

Anyhow, hello again, this is the third post and third design from my cousin. I hope while I was lazily absent you all had a great 2 months. πŸ˜€ Oh! And in a few weeks I’ll be going to visit my cousin so maybe I’ll be able to get some more images/designs. So I can speed up a bit for now. IjusthopeI’llremembersorryinadvanceincase

Umm, I don’t have anything to tell you guys, sorry.. D: So ciao! Hello and goodbye!

Dank u and see you next time! πŸ™‚

Frills Galore

dress design 2 001

Hi! So this is the second post (I did say I would post slowly) and I just thought that the first one was too short and I should have, well, ‘said’ more things. ^^’a

In case you didn’t/don’t want to read the ‘About’ page, I am Beautyofsimplycity (typo, I know) or B.o.S. for short and these drawings aren’t mine. I made this wordpress site to host the drawings/designs of clothes made by my cousin. We live far away and I wont be able to go home very often so I don’t want to run out of material (hence the slow update) and I can’t ask her what exactly she wants me to write here so you get me ‘assaulting’ you with my words instead, if you don’t mind (if you do mind then bad luck :Pv). Although if someone out of a million (trillion?)Β wants to ask her something (I don’t know, someone might?) then I can e-mail/message her. Also I apologise in advance if I have made or make any typo/grammatical errors in the past and future.

So that would be the end of my mini introduction/rant.

Dank u and see you next time~! (presenter/commentator style ;))